BS3621 Locks Explained

bs3621For insurance companies these days, you’ll be asked whether the locks on your property are BS3621 approved. This is a question we’re often asked so we’ll explain a little about the BS3621 British Standard for you.

BS3621 is a British Standard for locks that most insurance companies have adopted as a requirement for insurance policies, mainly due to it being the only kite mark relevant to a wide variety of domestic locks.

In a nutshell, the BS3621 kite mark means the lock offers a high level of security, ensuring a high degree of protection against drilling and other forms of tampering that a burglar may use.

Do I really need to worry about the BS3621 Kite Mark?

We’d always advise you check with your insurance company. It’s common these days to try to cut corners when getting a home insurance policy, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of your home security. Furthermore, if your policy states that BS3621 is a requirement, most insurers will refuse to pay out, and in some cases (if you were asked whether locks were approved when you took out the policy), you may be faced with charges of fraud.

Look for something in your policy that contains something like: “Your property must have a ‘five-lever mortice lock’ conforming to BS3621 standards on all exit doors and key-operated locks.”

This is often applicable to the ground floor and accessible windows, though your policy may require full conformity. It’s essential to check and this is where we can help.

There are things you can do yourself, such as looking for a BS3621 Kite Mark on the outside of the lock – typically near the key hole or where the locking bolts shoots out of the lock – but a fully qualified locksmith will provide a detailed security report, highlighting any issues.

It’s often very easy to think you are covered, but unless you’re in a new build or have all new doors and windows, you can often find yourself with at least one or two locks without the kite mark, sometimes much more.

Remember, these will often be the easiest point of entry for any professional burglar, and should they gain entry your insurance policy may be invalid.

For further information, please get in touch today and let us tell you what we can do for you.

BS3621 Examples

BS3621 standard deadlock

BS3621 British standard night latch

BS3621 British standard Euro lock

Sliding patio doors

Insurance usually ask for key operated bolts top and bottom of sliding patio doors. Multi purpose bolts offer one of the best ways to do efficiently meet this standard and also come in a variety of colours.

PVC Window handle

Wooden window handle

Most insurance companies ask for a key operated lock that meets their standard. This can either be on integrated into the handle or a separate locking mechanism.